Amour Bells - nanule s pričom

Sandals with a story

“Amour Bells” – posljednji modni dodatak – ručno izrađene sandale/nanule inspirirane originalnom verzijom iz 18-og stoljeća. Što više, originalni par se čuva u Zemaljskom muzeju Bosne i Hercegovine u Sarajevu - kao istinita povijesna priča.

These are no ordinary sandals. With little gold-plated or nickel-plated bells that jingle as you walk, you’ll be sure to get noticed. And that’s not all. As word has it, Bosnian women married to Beys wore these sandals in the days of the Ottoman Empire.

Sandals with little bells worn in the 18th century

Beys were men of high society who were fortunate enough to be allowed several wives. In those days the household was divided into male and female quarters.

Wearing these sandals, wives would stroll the courtyards (avlija) of their home to attract their husbands (Beys) to the bedroom.

Usually these were high heeled sandals made from walnut. In addition to the bells, they were sometimes decorated with other precious metals and gems.

If a woman dressed in red this was a distinct sign to the Bey that he was not fulfilling his romantic duties to his female partner. This silent message however could only be sent when the Bey was in a position to see the color of her clothes. The sandals, on the other hand, had an invisible, but more “far-reaching” effect.

If you want to attract that special someone with style then look no further. They can also serve as a unique gift.

Sandals with little bells today

These sandals are the perfect choice for all occasions - they will get you noticed on an evening out, or simply when wearing them with jeans, or with any style from your summer wardrobe.

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Suleyman the Magnificient and Amour Bells on RTL Television

29.12.2012. - RTL Exclusive tabloid team visited Amour Bells factory in order to provide their viewers with Amour Bells concept - both production-wise and tradition-wise - especially with the shoes and clothes that can be seen at popular TV series "Suleyman the Magnificent."


"Sandals with a story" are back in Sarajevo

20.05.2011. - Leading B&H models presented "Sandals with a story" concept


Sandals with a story on Croatian national television

04.05.2011. - Visit to Croatian National Television (HTV) was a good opportunity for our designer Hilda Trevizan to inform the Croatian public about our new fashion concept.

Amour Bells - nanule s pričom